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Examples of the benefits offered by web scraping in different situations

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Market research

With web scraping, you can gain a better understanding of your target audience and understand key areas of your marketing campaign, such as marketing trend analysis and market prices. This will help you develop a great marketing strategy.
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Online shopping

You constantly need information about the latest trends, products and people's interest in them. In order to offer a competitive price for your product, you need to do price tracking. Web scraping enables continuous monitoring, and you get real-time information about price increases and decreases, for example.
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Opinion poll

Gather extensive information from different discussion forums and groups so that you can get versatile information about what people think of your company. In this way, you can quickly respond to your customers' needs.
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Real estate

Take advantage of web scraping to quickly collect information about available, for sale or rent properties. For example, a real estate agency can scrape housing sales listings and monitor price trends in different areas.
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Sites that offer up-to-date information

If your website offers up-to-date information on, for example, bidding for loans, you need to know what kind of information customers are looking for. Instead of hiring people to do research on the topic or going through every forum and group yourself, you can use web scraping applications that gather the information you want in an instant.
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Optimization of products and services

Staying interesting for successful and long-lived brands requires following trends in order to create products and services that are in demand. When the services meet the customers' wishes, customer satisfaction is maintained and guarantees continuous sales. Web scraping is usually used to research consumer opinions and various market factors in order to produce what is currently in demand.